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Priority Public Health Research Needs for Enhancing Global Health Security

  • Hotel Hilton - Midtown New York, New York (map)

Priority Public Health Research Needs for Enhancing Global Health Security THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2018 - 8:00AM to 12:00 PM EDT ROOM: SUTTON CENTER ♦ NEW YORK HILTON HOTEL ♦ MIDTOWN NEW YORK, NY Register Online (Admission is Free) This session will highlight priority public health research needed to help build an evidence base to guide implementation of capacity building efforts aimed at enhancing global health security. Featuring presenters from CDC as well as from Harvard University and Georgetown University, this session will share country examples as well as global efforts to measure and advance progress. This session will be of great interest to academic-based global health programs as well as to organizations working on global health at the country level. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working with many partners including WHO, ministries of health, and universities to develop public health systems and workforce, improve technical capacity and partnerships, and conduct applied research aimed at protecting the health of Americans and people around the world. Through resources and partnerships available from several sources, particularly the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), measurable improvements in the public health systems have been achieved in many countries, helping them to achieve compliance with WHO’s International Health Regulations. Despite encouraging progress, many countries are still unable to rapidly detect and control a public health threat and therefore remain noncompliant with the WHO IHR. To address these gaps and thereby accelerate efforts to strengthen global health security, further public health research is needed, a particular priority public health research need is in determining the most effective implementation approaches for responding to global public health threats and building global health security capacity. Onsite Session Registration: 8:00 AM – 8:20 AM Scheduled Presentations Introduction to the CDC’s Division of Global Health Protection’s “Priority Public Health Research Needs for Enhancing Global Health Security, (Moderators) Becky Bunnell & Juliette Morgan, Division of Global Health Protection, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention o CDC’s Global health security mission: Shaping the future from lessons learned in the past, Joel Montgomery o Monitoring and evaluating global health security implementation and IHR compliance, Becky Bunnell o CDC’s global health security research agenda: future direction, Juliette Morgan o Evaluation Research in International Emergency Response: A Review of CDC Activities, Mark Anderson o Demonstrating value: Challenges to moving the needle, Martin Meltzer o Evaluation of ceramic water filters on WASH outcomes in Myanmar, Tom Handzel & Andrea Martinsen o Lessons learned from global implementation of AMR-related activities, Ben Park o Evaluation of event-based surveillance in Vietnam, Arun Balajee o An Open Access IHR/GHS Costing Tool: planning from JEE scores into action, Rebecca Katz, Georgetown o A Shared Framework for Monitoring Pandemic Preparedness and Global Health Security, Olga Jonas, Harvard